May 19 – May 29, 2021

One twilight evening, in his silence, this silence peculiar to the photographer, Toshiaki Miyamoto accidentally captures a blurry image. It reveals a breath.
He then devoted himself to a series of photographs captured at the detours of his walks in Paris.
A year after his first exhibition at the gallery, he comes back to us with new hunting trophies.
On the one hand, tangy and graphic shapes. Choreographies that teleport us to the effervescence of the 1960s. We think in particular of the group Generative Fotografie.
Opposite, a completely different revelation. Here, photography merges with painting.

Miyamoto prints his photographs on Washi paper. The different transparencies and
asperities of this traditional Japanese paper bring various and nuanced tensions.
It was by accidentally placing one of the photographs on his back side that he made a discovery. He turns over another image, then two … the incident reveals a painting. The returned image seems to transport us to the detail of a landscape of Etretat by Monet, or to an abstraction by Kupka. Some will experience the sensation of diving into a composition by Poliakoff or Kurt Schwitters.

This exhibition invites us in different temporalities.
Miyamoto invites us on an incredible journey, a tribute to Paris, before setting off on other explorations.

Galerie Eko Sato, 57 rue des Cascades 75020 Paris. Open Wed-Sat, 2pm-7pm